Heap Wah

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About us

Premium Corporate Gift Supplier

Over decades, Perniagaan Heap Wah turns your idea into reality.

Perniagaan Heap Wah through the establish quality control system and rigor supervision of the manufacturing process, delivers unbeatable replica to clients according to clients’ requirements and ideas. Without compromising quality, Perniagaan Heap Wah is capable of imitating any tangible objects as long as its original blueprints are in hand.

What we do?

Perniagaan Heap Wah in order to reach clients’ demand and adhere continuous improvement of sustainable operation, promise to:

  • Listen to clients and meet their needs
  • Continuously improve process, products and services
  • Enhance the productivity and efficiency

“We take pride in our quality control processes.”


“We deliver products that are aligned to your brand.”


“We source materials responsibly.”


“We are mindful of the needs of our customers and providing the most value for money.”